All About That Band

Why you can never have too many stacking rings

The concept of stacking rings is nothing new, and if you ask us, that’s a very good thing. Often described as a trend, the art of combining any mix of bands—diamond or gemstone, rose gold or platinum, wide or delicately thin—has been around long enough to call it a tradition at this point.

Whether it’s done as a commemorative addition to a wedding collection—how about a new diamond band with each year (or every 5 years) you celebrate marriage?—or as a collectible self-purchase worn for fashion and fun, the stacking band is an impenetrable, reliable option for any jewelry lover’s personal collection.

Stack Attack!

Is there such a thing as owning too many stacking bands? We don’t think so. Consider instead how it’s possible to not covet a generous selection, when there are so many different options to choose from. First, there is the metal: Yellow gold for that sunny, cheerful touch. Rose gold, because it’s feminine, beautiful, and looks fantastic against any skin tone. And of course, you can’t go wrong with the classic white gold or platinum—still the most popular of choices, and a classic in its own right. From there, you have more options. Take a round brilliant diamond, for example. Would you prefer that it be prong-set, in a bezel, or even, maybe, surrounded by a halo of smaller, pave diamonds? Do you prefer that the diamonds go all the way around the band, eternity style, or just about halfway?

Then there are your other shapes, the ones whose clever layout can change the entire aesthetic of a band. We love the way a combination of round and baguette diamonds lends a vintage vibe to the most delicate band, just as much as we enjoy the modern look of round and marquise stones alternating in a zigzag of sparkle.

Mix + Match

Combine all of these options—taking into account metal, stone, and setting choices—and you can see why stacking rings are so irresistibly collectable. If you have one of each—or more—that’s when you can get really creative! Wear all-rose gold one day for a feminine pop of pink that glitters from afar. Pair your platinum engagement ring with the wholly white combination, lending a sleek style that fits together like puzzle pieces. Go for gold any time of year, where a combination of multiple yellow gold bands glows like warm honey against your seasonal attire.

Or, ya know, just wear them all—every single color, shape, and style. At the same time. Because with five fingers on each hand, your digits are a blank canvas waiting to be festooned with the most fantastic of adornments. And what could be more fun than finding new ways to wear—and play with—your jewelry?

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