Mother’s Day Diamond Guide

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday, this is the perfect time to show our love and appreciation to the remarkable women who brighten our lives. From your own mother and grandmother to the best friend who’s expecting her first child or the wife who makes your world go around, no gift makes a better statement than a piece of custom diamond jewelry. Every piece of jewelry tells a story, so before you decide on a piece, think about what you’re trying to say. What special moment do you want her to remember every time she wears that bracelet or those earrings? What are the feelings that you’re trying to communicate? Here are some tips to help you find the perfect piece to celebrate the women in your life this Mother’s Day.

The Classics

Bracelets are classic Mother’s Day gifts and, as designers of custom jewelry, we can work with you to create a piece that is absolutely unique and shows exactly how you really feel. Customize a diamond tennis bracelet by switching in different colored stones, or get a bracelet expertly engraved with an inscription with the wearer’s name or a message of love. For a more playful and fashion-forward style, our diamond anklets, with custom letters and diamonds, make a dazzling addition to any jewelry collection.

Earrings are another great gift to remind the special woman in your life that she is loved for years to come. We believe that a diamond is more than something shiny you can wear — it’s an expression of love and a representation of heritage that can be embraced by members of your family for years to come. For the women in your family, diamond stud earrings are timeless pieces that can be passed down through the generations. This pendant is made from a diamond passed down to one of our customers by her late grandmother.

“When my grandmother passed away, she left my sister and me a matched pair of diamond stud earrings, one for each of us. I wanted to make something special with it that commemorated who she was and the era she came from. I wear this pendant every Mother’s Day as I celebrate her with my mom.”

Her husband continued the tradition by surprising her on Mother’s Day with these diamond studs, which she will someday pass on to her two sons.

We also love making diamond cluster earrings with personalized design shapes and combinations of differently-colored stones for something truly special and one-of-a-kind.

Fun & Trendy

Want to think more outside of the box when picking out diamond jewelry for the amazing women in your life? There are other distinctive and elegant styles that make wonderful gifts. Mix-and-match stackable bands can beautifully complement a wedding band or create a combination that is striking and absolutely singular. Custom options allow you to choose different colored metals, stones, and patterns for a look that will stand out anywhere.

Our diamonds by the yard pendants offer the same versatility, combining precious chains with brilliant colored stones to match any mother’s taste and style. For an extra personal touch, accent the piece with a custom engraving or set any pendant with a colored birthstone to symbolize the qualities of the incredible woman who wears it.

Everybody likes getting a card or flowers, but a piece of diamond jewelry shows your fondness and tells your story in a way that nothing else does. Our favorite part of working in custom jewelry is helping our customers and their loved ones tell their stories. We pride ourselves on creating pieces that have a deep emotional meaning to their giver and recipient. Whether it’s for your mother, wife, or any other woman you admire, we can help you make something that she will cherish forever.

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